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Starjammer vs. Jedi Hunter

  • Win by death, knockout or incapacitation
  • Both characters have been assigned to kill one another
  • One day of preparation, to cover strategy and learn about the opponent (skills/abilities)


  1. Czerka Adventurer Slugthrower Rifle
  2. Single-Bladed Lightsaber
  3. DX-13 Blaster Pistol


  1. Shi'ar Energy Sword
  2. Plasma Rifle (Cable/Bishop)
  3. M4A1 Carbine Assault Rifle


  • Both start 1 mile apart
  • Area is usable if needed

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I don't recall Hepzibah doing much. I recall her just being strong, agile, and had hyper senses. Aurra has senses granted to her by the Force, enhanced physical stats, and has fought with other Jedi in the past.

My vote goes to Sing.

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