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ThatGuyWithHeadphones stated that Madoka Kaname is stronger than Hellstar Remina, so I'd like to test this (haven't seen Madoka). Hellstar Remina is a planet and star devourer who can move at the speed of light and sometimes even faster, life cannot survive on its surface, absorbs celestrial bodies bigger than itself can swallow planets like Earth and the Moon and Mars whole (it is about five or six times bigger than the Earth) and can see objects much smaller than itself. Don't let the fact that one is really cute and one is really ugly decide this battle!

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Okay here goes


Here Modoka makes her first and last wish to become a Magical girl powerful enough to erase all witches before they are born


Okay so obviously you're gonna need so insight on why this is a big deal. well right now Modoka is shooting arrow that will simultaneously erasing all witches. SO how many whiches are there? you man ask well...

Untold amout but it should be stated that witches have been apart of Human evolution from the beginning so not only are the arrows traveling though the world all at once they're are travel though time it self and even different dimensions

Also it should be noted that witches are muti block- city level destructive capability.

So after she does this they're repercussions for her action. See in this series when a magic girl is recruited just to become a witch. Now this transition goes like this the stronger the Magical Girl the more powerful and quickly she becomes a witch. Now if Modoka was this strong as M.Girl she gonna be one hell of a witch right...


She creates a universal threat which see that thing that makes earth look like an apple yeah that her witch...But remember her wish to be powerful enough to defeat all witches including her own little destory so...what does she do, become stronger

and one shot it.

So what next well.

She become an omnipresent/omniscience possessing abstract .After she re writes history on a universal scale.

Also for your view pleasure an amv on everything I just wrote about.