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Hellboy vs Captain America

Hellboy has The Good Samaritan (standard ammo)

Captain America has Captain America's Shield (no Guns)

Standard Morals on for both, No prep or knowledge of the other

Location - Empty Walmart at night, starting 50 yards apart in the Hardware department.

and yes there are guns and rifles inside Walmart, and they can be used if found.

Win by KO or submision

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Hellboy stomps

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@D3athstroke said:

Hellboy stomps

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@jeanroygrant said:

@D3athstroke said:

Hellboy stomps

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HB wins...His Durability is the key here, it's far above anything Cap can throw at him. Hellboy did show some weakness to Prince Nuada's spear, but that a magically enchanced weapon. Cap doesn't really have anything that could do major damage with against Hellboy imo.

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Hellboy easily

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Cap can win.

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why bump this? it's clear that hellboy is the winner here.