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Hellboy vs Marvel's Archangel. No preparation, fight to incapacitation.

Comic book versions.

Whole of New York City as their battlefield.

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Hellboy wins if he gets a gun

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Tough one to decide on... I'm inclined towards Hellboy if he gets any sort of grip on Archangel. But that won't be easy in the slightest. So I'm gunna say Archangel in a long, testing battle

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I'd have to give the edge to Archangel here. Hellboy would put up a decent fight but Archangel, with his unprecedented speed and agility as well as the strength from his fantabulous natural wings, could easily avoid the heavy hitting attacks from Hellboy and knock him down for the proverbial "10 count"

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Does Hellboy get any knd of weapon? Specifically, a sharp pointy one like a sword?

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Hellboy just gets what he would be carrying with him at all times, that includes his gun but any melee weapons have to be improvised