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Don't know

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Orion breaks H`el.

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H'el stomps Orion pretty badly.

1.He's faster than orion,since he has shown faster than light speed(teleportation on earth)

2-He's stronger than new 52 Superman(Who is shown to be able to bench press the weight of the planet multiple times)

3-He has telepathy,he could use it on orion to take him out mentally

4-He has matter manipulation(He could turn orion into a small Kandor size doll and step on him multiple times

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@son_of_tomorrow: Actually yeah that pretty much explains it...

Also I heard he's faster than Superman, Superboy, and Supergirl combined.(without teleportation) Superman's already ran at mach 35, and has shown many faster than light speed and reaction feats:

So if He'l really is that fast he should be faster than the Flash + he can always telepot.

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@Clark_EL: Yea I have most of those comics,but Idk about him being faster than Flash,I mean superman and flash are equal in speed,the only thing that gives flash the edge is the speed force.In the dc universe you can't really go that far above the speed force unless you have it.Since the speed of light is the fastest speed limit you can go.But his teleporting would be a match for it I think,but I think flash can run so fast it could simulate the effects of teleporting.

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H'el most likely

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Orion cause H'el sucks.

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H'el ftw

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@son_of_tomorrow: Well even without the speed force I'd give Flash a slight edge in combat and reaction speed, but in travel time it's all Superman. I think in the new 52 Flash is the only one who can go into the speed force (unless he brings someone else in), because that is the source of his power. So even if Superman had the potential speed to enter the speed force, I believe he couldn't (again unless the Flash brought him in). I also think Flash doesn't get his amazing speed force powers unless he's in the speed force, if he ever get's them, as we have not seen them yet. Also I quote Flash #16 "I'm king in here" or something similar to that, while he was in the speed force.