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who wins

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i dont know

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Can't really tell which gorr your talking about. But from the ones I just read up on H'el would stomp them pretty badly.

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H'el easily.

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Powers and Abilities

H'EL claims that he is a Kryptonian, so as a Kryptonian under a yellow sun, H'EL has all the typical Kryptonian powers typical of being a "Solar Battery".

Super Strength - Is able to take on the entire Super-Family with (appears to be) zero effort


Invulnerability - Has shown little to no damage after attacks from super-powered beings.

Super-Hearing - Is able to hear from great distances

Super Stamina

Super Speed - Has displayed speeds faster then Superman, Supergirl & Superboy combined.

Longevity - has claimed to be mentored by Jor-El, yet appears to be merely a few years older than Kal-El.

Total Recall - able to recall memories in almost perfect detail as well as a vast intellect.

Super Healing - In the New 52, Kryptonians have been shown to get hurt and have battle scars (both Kal-El and Kal-L have been seen with visible scars) H'EL in his first appearance and in promo art has many scars including a reverse "S" symbol on his bare chest, after his first appearance it seems to have healed, and in each issue following he has fewer and fewer scars, this could be his healing factor...or the artist simply forgetting too include them, that however does not explain the lack of the reversed "S" symbol.

Alternate Abilities

H'EL has displayed abilities not seen with any Kryptonian thus far such as....

Teleportation - has shown the ability to appear and disappear at will, originally thought to be just super-speed, H'EL has teleported others great distances in the blink of an eye.

Telekinesis - has shown the ability to move objects with his mind, also able to take things apart at a molecular level [things like Kon-El for example].

Super......Mental....Teaching?? - H'EL was able to teach Kara Zor-El how to speak English in a matter of seconds, how he did this is still unknown.

H'EL Manipulation

Shape Shifting - It is un-clear if H'EL can actually shape shift, or if he was using some kind of mental ability to make himself appear in another form.

Astral Projection - H'EL has the ability to project himself on a spiritual plain.

Matter Altering - H'EL has the ability to alter the size of objects [but not himself]

Gorr hasn't really done a lot besides beat a young Thor without mjolnir, and kill a hundreds of gods....still H'el takes it in a blink of an eye.

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Anything new from Gorr that I don't know about? Because if a beating a young Mjolnirless Thor in a semi competitive fight is all he has, he gets raped by H'el.

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Gorr easily.

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Gorr takes it

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Gorr stomps.

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