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Normal Rules, On Asgard, No Prep

Who Wins?

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The warriors and sif. Not a stomp, but there's just to much going on with team 2. It's not going to be a long battle.

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Didn't Heimdall wield a uru sword? Aren't team 1(Tyr, Heimdall, and Balder) major Asgardian gods and team two just normal Asgardian's with extra battle skills, though I think Sif is stronger than a normal Asgardian female. Heimdall also has the unbelivable senses. Kind of like Daredevil and Wolverine amped up a LOT. I would have to go with team 1.

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Wariors 3 and SIf 

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Not sure.

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hamdell can solo. people underestimate him.

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Who is going to fight against Tyr? I don't think the original sif was a good warrior any way.

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Hemidall, Tyr, and Balder stomp. The Warriors 3 are basically Asgards first defense. They are well known for there skill though. From what i've seen so far. Frandral has the best speed, and reflexes of the group, Hogun has the best striking power, and Voltstagg has the best durability. This is what Hogun has done. Stop an incoming speeding locomotive with ease. Well he hit it with his mace, but that still takes physical strength. You could also see how long the train is. His mace also seems magical. He however is not Asgardian like the other 2.

Sif is extremely skilled. It was shown recently how much in Journey into the mystery when she was slaying creature after creature, and getting stabbed, but barely being phased. Probably more skilled than even Frandral.

Balder has split point blank bullets in half with his sword, and has light manipulation, due to him being the god of light. He is very skilled, and is also known as Balder the brave, Asgards bravest.

Tyr is the god of war, and is said to be class 75, so he is probably the physically strongest in this group. Plus he also controls some kind of power.

Heimidall is the god of vigilance, and has the best senses in this battle. He is also the brother of Sif. Class 30, and is a pretty good fighter.

I would say team 2 in a good fight.