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13 years ago, Davy Jones made a deal with Jack Sparrow to raise the Black Pearl from the depths of the sea. He's come with the Flying Dutchman to collect on that debt. But instead of finding Jack Sparrow and Gibbs, The Dutchman had come across Hector Barbossa and his cursed crew. Unwillng to bow to the king of the sea, the two ships, the two crews, the two captains engage in battle.

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Davy Jones

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I'll go with Davy Jones
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Neither one wins, since Barbossa can't be killed due to his curse, and Davy Jones can't die because you need to stab his heart that's locked away in a chest.

It's a draw.

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I'd give to to Barbossa i'd say Barbossa is as equally skilled as Jones but cant die due to his curse, Davy Jones can still die if Barbossa can take the time during the fight to find Jones's heart on his ship if he gets the chance.

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so this is when Barbosa was still a cursed, skeletal guy? (I keep getting all of the movies jumbled together for some reason...he was cured of the curse by the last one, right?) 
Is Davy's (this isnt a 'y' to 'ie+s' moment is it...?) enchantment more powerful than the curse on Barbosa and his crew?  That may be the deciding factor...  in a one on one fight, I think Barbosa has the skill to amputate a few of Davy's appendages, but would he be able to put him down completely, even for an extended period of time?  that I am not sure of.  If Davy's heart is in that chest somewhere on board and Barbosa knows, then I'll say he can continue the fight until he finds it and then is victorious.  If the heart is not near them, then Barbosa bobs and weaves for a long time, but ultimately will end up wrapped in Davy's face...yuck...
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Hector Barbosa is immortal. Davy Jones is a freaking spirit of the sea. Even if he doesn't have the power to permanently kill Barbosa, he can just send him, his crew, and the ship down to his locker.

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Davy jones IS dead and Barbosa is an immortal AND the living dead he wins game over man game over

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@FLCL1 said:
" draw "
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Davy Jones.