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vs Hercules

who wins

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My heart want to say He-Man, but My brains telling me Hercules got this.

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Sorry I couldn't resist.

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He-Man defeats Hercules by The Power of Grayskull and Ludacris  ! 
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Has He-man been hurt ever

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@DrRenekton said:

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Sorry I couldn't resist.

danm I was going to post this.

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Hercules. I hated He Man, the Rotoscope animation enraged me being raised on anime.

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He-Man wins

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Didn't He-Man out-muscle Superman? I also remember hearing that he was able to push a moon. If either is true than Herc is in trouble.

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Hercules wins.

No question. No. doubt.

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It's Herc. STRONGEST MAN IN THE WORLD. He'd crush him like a coke can.

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Hercules, you guys are common sense retardant.

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He-Man slaughters Herc...while wearing pink.

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He-Man wins.

@jeduhu: Laughing out loud.

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Hercules with ease. There's no way He-Man matches up to Hercules in any way.

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Hercules doesnt stand a chance!

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@DarkKnightDetective said:

@DrRenekton said:

Loading Video...

Sorry I couldn't resist.

danm I was going to post this.

Oh man. It was the first thing I wanted to do after seeing the title.