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#51 Posted by rogue_mar1e (19759 posts) - - Show Bio

@Bo88gdan said:

Hawkeye clears this without any problems...

#52 Posted by eardrum73 (18 posts) - - Show Bio

Hawkeye can potentially clear everything with an explosive arrow. Even 3 polar bears if blast radius happens to cripples all of them. If not, watch out.....

However... the Ants is the unknown factor. If there is a large swarm of them more than a single explosive arrow can manage.... its GG Hawkeye

#53 Posted by FourthDeity (2234 posts) - - Show Bio

@The_Thunderer: Well considering he's hit things that move faster than bears im sure he could incapitate them with ease

The ants would get demolished by an explosive arrow if they are on an ant hill

#54 Posted by ThatThorFan (951 posts) - - Show Bio

Standard arrow for Round One. blast arrow for Round Two. Im guessing that he can reuse the same arrow (obviously the exploding is done). Round 3 (pack of 4) Another Blast Arrow, hit in the right spot, should take down 2 or 3. Standard arrow from round one to finish the last. Round 4 standard arrow. Round 5 blast arrow in the right spot... run in a clear area so see the ant attacking, then stomp. Bonus Round: Blast arrow take out 2 then use previous arrows.

If the arrow that he used previous round goes away, you should of been more clear. Im using it, as any other smart huntsman would.

#55 Posted by clemj (817 posts) - - Show Bio
@The_Thunderer: I didn't see that
#56 Posted by Assassinatius (22 posts) - - Show Bio

@The_Thunderer said:

@Assassinatius: and they won't attack him while he's standing there killing them?

Hmm, I actually thought i made it clear that I wasn't serious...

Anyways, how fast are these ants? Because if they're not like 10 mph, hawkeye could just easily outrun them and wait until they move together close enough to get them all with 1 explosive arrow.


@FourthDeity said:

The ants would get demolished by an explosive arrow if they are on an ant hill

#57 Posted by Static Shock (47676 posts) - - Show Bio

@clemj said:

he clears he is a fucking good hunter

No cursing, please.

#58 Posted by The_Thunderer (2894 posts) - - Show Bio

@BlueLantern1995 said:

Rounds 1&2 - Explosive Arrow Round 3 - Rocket/Freeze Arrow(he does have one...would go so fast freezes them all at the same time) Round 4 Adamantinum Arrow Round 5 Glue Arrow(glues hole shut then fights the ones that are out with his bow swatting them away BOnus ROund: Adamantinum Arrow(one to the head of the closet runs for arrow dodges a bear shoots him in the head goes for the arrow and eliminates the last bear)

No..they are bloodlusted, not hiding in a hole..Also with your method for bonus round you are assuming the other bears won't move or react to the death next to them...how does freeze arrow go so fast it freezes them all?

#59 Posted by TDK_1997 (15279 posts) - - Show Bio

He should clear this without any problems.