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The news of a vigilante in Starling City has attracted the attention of SHIELD. Hawkeye is dispatched to the city to bring down the vigilante by any means necessary. Arrow and Hawkeye cross paths early in the night. Arrow is armed with his usual quiver of arrows and his bow. Hawkeye is armed with the equipment and arrows used during the Battle of Manhattan. Both are willing to kill the other but neither are blood-lusted.

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Hawkeye Ftw

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Arrow. He seems damn accurate, he's a much better h2h fighter and seems more blood thirsty. Although Clint maybe a better shot I don't think its by enough to shift it in his favor.

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My thoughts exactly. I felt that Hawkeye in the movie had better technology and trick arrows in the movie but Arrow was more blood-thirsty. If Hawkeye is using explosive arrows on Arrow from a distance, he may have a shot to win but once Arrow closes the gap and it turns into a close-quarters-combat fight: it is over. I would go as far as to say that in a straight up hand-to-hand fiight, Arrow would beat Nolan's Batman.

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Hawkeye has better arrows and is a damn good shot, Arrow is just as accurate but with fewer trick arrows. Hand to hand Arrow takes it 10/10. I go with Arrow 9/10

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I say Hawkeye takes the majority, but it could go either way depending on where and what they are fighting in...Barton has displayed better accuracy so that should nullify Arrow closing down on him if in an open area... he shouldn't have any problems tagging Oliver especially with his trick arrows if it came down to a shootout...In a closed area/room I'm going with Arrow as he has shown better h2h fighting skills than Hawkeye in close quarters combat, if you go by Bartons fight with Widow on the Helicarrier.

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Its pretty equal. Hawkeye has the edge using bows but Arrow in hand to hand. It all depends on how close they are together when the fight begins.

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hawkeye. GA in his show has poor fighting skills. plus evidently hawkeye took out my uncle LOKI

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Going Hawkeye just because of his trick arrows. If Arrow can get in close then it's Ollie all the way.