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All start in there original non power forms 6ft apart Hawk and Dove Vs. Shazam, Morals are on. fight takes place in a football stadium after hours they have all felt mystically drawn to the center of the stadium where they meet.. they sense danger each one assumes the other is it.

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@koshi_waza88: Is this comic or movie Shazam? Also, Superman wasn't harmed by Billy's punch.

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Hawk and Dove have absolutely nothing for Billy

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Hank and Dawn are formidable and have a great powerset but they are no match for Billy. His powers make him an absolute powerhouse with enough strength and speed to be able to take them both at the same time.

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Shazam takes it ridiculously easy.

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This is kind of a stomp for shazam. Hawks strength is nowhere near his.

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Shazam wins. Btw Hawk and Doves costumes are hilarious. Imagine wearing that irl. xD

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OMG!!! people commented i figured it was going to do unnoticed... but i did not think it was that much of a one sided fight sure Captain Marvel is the best and kicks superman in the teeth if he were not such a nice guy... but they powered by lords of order and chaos you think they be stronger.. honest i know little about hawk and dove that's why i wanted to see what people would say and reading there powers written down characters do appear to be equal if you know what i mean ??

Example: Hank Hall/Hawk has Agility Blast Power Flight Healing Intellect Invulnerability Leadership Marksmanship Power Item Power Suit Stamina Super Speed Super Strength Time Manipulation Time Travel Unarmed Combat combined with

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Hawk and Dove loose badly

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@sync1 said:

Shazam wins. Btw Hawk and Doves costumes are hilarious. Imagine wearing that irl. xD

I'd wear the shit out of it if it meant I got superpowers.

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Ita interesting that hawk and dove din get retonned in New 52

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you know at 6ft apart hank could attack Billy its an option not sure if its in character tho and who's transformation is faster ??

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@koshi_waza88: yes but 6ft away with both combatants non powered...it would be dificult for him to hit him before he says the word shazam

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Shazam back hands both of them through several buildings.

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@bronze_surfer: yeah not unless he takes a lighting bolt to the back .... makes sense even if he transforms into hawk while tackling him he wont be getting back up.... and billy could just call another I don't think there is a cool down period so not a good idea unless someone thinks they got some really good luck ... dawn could flash billy :P to stun into saying shadam!! but in this situation there no prep and they may not know who billy is.. all these people that need to call names to transform should form there own league lol I might do some research and make that battle I wonder how many there are ..