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Who would win and please give a reason why?

Human Torch
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the torch.... faster and the nova blasts are much hotter.... i think he might be able to absorb the heat from havoks blasts as well

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Id say torch as well

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Both combatants make plasma to create the effects that they show.

For Havok, it is the rapid heat change of objects hit with his energy beams that causes them to explode.
The Torch is immune to these heat changes and get to far higher temperatures.
The Torch could absorb the heat from Havok's attacks if he choose to.

Havok on the hand cannot absorb the Torch's plasma blasts to my knowledge.

As the Torch can also fly for better battlefield positioning, he should win.

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I say Havok, cuz I'm a fanboy. There I win. lol

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I think Human Torch would win this fight... but this is a good fight here...
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Havok is constantly absorbing heat and energy.His blast are enough to knock Torch out.

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The Torch has the speed and the power of flight that gives him the advantage to win.

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There is a chance that Torch and Havok are immune to each other's energy. Havok fell into a star and survived. Maybe the torch can too.

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this all comes to havoks accuracy..if it is anything like cyclops then ima have to go with havok

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if Havok hits torch first he can kill him