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Dr. Harleen Quinzel, AKA Harley Quinn


Helena Bertinelli, AKA Huntress


- 2 weeks prep

- In character

- Battle takes place in Gotham and can range all over. Each combatant can pick out three locations within the inner city to prepare with traps and tricks. The battle begins, however, on neutral ground.

- Each combatant can leave whatever weapons and gadgets in their Locations that they can acquire within their prep time. This excludes acquiring equipment from specific other characters unless it is also something they frequently use. For example, Huntress cannot use the Batmobile, but Harley can use Joker Venom. When the fight begins though, they start out with limited equipment:

--- Helena gets her crossbow, twenty bolts, and three gas-pellets.

--- Harley gets her mallet, popgun (with one shot), and a .44 revolver (with six shots).

- Both pre- and new-52 feats apply. Harley has her powers.


For more of my battles, click here!

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Prob huntress. But I'm gonna choose Harley Quinn because I like her better. She's crazier. And I like crazy.

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Harleys a trickster and proven age can be great with prep but I'm gonna say huntress. Her over all skill, capabilities and drive make me think she's more likely to take it. It'll get bloody though.

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I have to go with Harley. She is in enhanced physical shape, has less morals, has a healing factor, and is a great gymnast. SHe has an unpredictable fighting skill. Also, I don't think Huntress will be able to do anything against her Joker venom, unless she has a gas mask or the antidote on her (which she doesn't). I'm not too sure but I don't think she usually carries around that kind of stuff. Harley can set up Joker venom at each of the three locations, so I think she can beat her without even showing her face.

I say Harley 6/10

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I say Huntress could takes this 6/10 times or it be a 5/10. They are pretty evenly matched but Huntress is a little more skilled not by much but enough. Plus it says they can leave the weapons they can acquire during prep. So she could get antidote or gas mask so that takes care of Joker venom.

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Junk-kicking Hush

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I’ll go with Huntress 6/10, she still has a lot of skills of her own and according to the original post she has enough gadgets to win this with her skills. Harley will put up a good fight especially since she has some preparation.


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@zijuun: She also has dramatically superior physicals to offset the skill edge.

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Man where is that harley pic from? She looks crazier than usual

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@joygirl: Ahh ok...and ROFL fabulously talented is sooo funnnny lol. And yeah Deviantart has lots of good stuff. Pity I can't find much hal jordan x Carol ferris stuff :/

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@joygirl said:

@zijuun: She also has dramatically superior physicals to offset the skill edge.

I'm still putting my money on Huntress, her skills tend to be underestimated. She should be able to win just barely.


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I love art btw. I'm going to say Huntress about a solid bit over half, but no cake walk.


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Isn't Harley an enhanced human? Or did that change.

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@immortal777: It may or may not have changed in the n52. In this match, however, she is enhanced.

Immunity to poisons and toxins

Ability to hold her breath for extended periods

Small healing factor

Enhanced strength, speed, and agility

Gymnastics prodigy

Excellent marksman/demolitionist

Modest martial artist

Trained psychiatrist

Utter lunatic

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I'm going to say Harley 6/10. She has better weapons on her and is unpredictable/crazy. Huntress is probably more skilled but Harley does have a gun, which gives her just the advantage she needs.

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Harley is better with prep so she take a solid majority

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@joygirl said:


I think Harley has the better prep feats IIRC. Combine this with the fact that I think Harley's physicals over-rides Huntress' skill advantage in a random encounter anyway, and I'll stick with her

She's also fitter

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Harley with prep. She beats batman in mad love and is only stopped by the jokers need to be the one who beat batman, Not harley. So im gonna go with harley 7/10 fights.

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Huntress is too skilled for Harley

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Helena won't hesitate to smack that broad