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Fight takes place in a Dojo.

No prep.

Morals on.

Knock out.

Who wins?

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Me thinks Harley goes down here.

And not in a sexy way.

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......... this is a joke right. Bronze tiger destroys her

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Bronze Tiger wins, relatively easy.

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bronze tiger stomps.

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This is a mismatch, friend. Harley Quinn is an impressive acrobat and decent fighter, but Bronze Tiger is at least in the top five of the best martial artists of the DC Universe.

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^Agree with all, Bronze Tiger is top 5 martial artists in DCU right along with Cassie Cain, Deathstroke, Richard Dragon and Batman. (Shiva gets 6th IMO, then Canary and so on) as for Harley, well it'd be REAL stretch to say she's even top 20.

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Bronze Tiger.