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Hannibal has taken up residence in Miami and started doing what he does best. After 2 months there are still no leads, but as normal Dexter is slightly ahead of the cops and closing in. He believes Deborah will be his next target in 2 weeks time. Hannibal is aware someone other than the police is after him but unsure who at the moment.
Will Hannibal be able to get to Deborah before Dexter can stop him?

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Shite idk... hannibal is smarter, i think, but dexter is stronger and is great with prep

I'm going with dexter here, he has the drop on him.

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Dexter every time.

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@Nefarious said:

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Dexter would definitely lose every time, anyone who thinks otherwise is a chump. Hannibal is much smarter, and much more insane, Dexter would be sitting around crying over his dead mother and whining about his dark passenger while Hannibal would just come up and start eating his face

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Dexter has more kills