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well going with just movie hancock , but comics i'd go with the fantastic four reeds would find a way to mimic the whole thing of how he losses his power

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Actually I think The Fantastic Four might have a chance here...
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I'd say they have more then a chance, Sue can blind him while Ben pounds on his face. He beats any of them in one on one, but as a group, I'd have to go with the F4. They have so much experience as a group, and each one is a respected super hero with countless feats of ability and heroism. Hancock was in one movie, and the most we saw him do was throw a whale, pretty far, but still, that's nothing on the Thing. Lifting wise I'd say Thing is stronger, Hancock has flight and speed on Thing. Nothing Sue can't sort out, while Johnny is annoying him with fire and Reed is waiting to wrap around him and hold him back for a moment, letting Thing pound on him again.

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Is this the movie FF4 or comic version?

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Valor said:
"Is this the movie FF4 or comic version?"
Give an opinion on both.
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Hankock is powerfu but I am for Fantastic Four. They have much more powers.

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Hancock>Movie FF4
Comic FF4>Hancock

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They are both loosers.

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