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Hal Jordan

Vs marvel team who consist of

Iron spiderman

Superior spiderman

Loki atumma and lady sif

The team gets 10 hours prep

Hal gets one hour of prep

No bfr allowed

Morals off for the marvel team who wins and why

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Really? Loki has 10 hours of prep? Does anyone want to help me dig hal's grave?

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Loki could probably beat Hal with no prep, you are giving him prep and attuma along with the rest of these guys, Gl gets killed

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10 hours prep for Loki? He solo's. Although without prep Hal Jordan stomps.

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Team wins. Loki 's solo

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@bunt947 said:

Team wins. Loki 's solo


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Team stomps. Loki could solo

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Loki solo in a curbstomps with 10 hours of prep

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Team wins due to Loki with prep. Without it he kills them

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Loki solos with prep time.

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@dondave: the team has some really smart people on the team as well besides loki

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@oceanmaster21: Yes but none of them have the cunning, which is different from intellect, or the magical arsenal that Loki has up his sleeve. He alone can take Hal with prep time.

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@lvenger said:

Loki solos with prep time.