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No knowledge of each other

No prep

Battle takes place in large forest near a lake

All feats seen in Manga/Anime

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Haku Kimimaro can't keep up with Demonic Ice Mirrors

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@uchiha454 said:

Haku Kimimaro can't keep up with Demonic Ice Mirrors

Please, Haku was caught and lolstomp by K1 Naruto, Kimi made a fool of a thousand of them.

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@thatguywithheadphones: naruto was Kyuubi amped and his fight with naruto was basically a needle vs balloons needle always win Kimimaro was never fast and haku can summon those mirrors any where to become a teleporter almost

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Is Kimimaro sick or healthy in this one? Either way i still see Kimi taking the majority Seedling ferm.

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Kimimaro stomps ridiculous. As ThatGuyWithHeadPhones said, Haku was stomped by 0TK Naruto, while Kimimaro stomped 1000 at once, who couldn't touch him. And this was a stronger Naruto. Not to mention Haku's needles ain't penetrating that bone.

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