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Using The movie versions of both Character

  • All powers and abilities from both Films are included from wrath and clash,and all the harry movies that presented Voldemorts powers
  • Equipped with their weapons from the films
  • No Krackin
  • One on one
  • Morals Off
  • Blood lusted
  • Fight till Death


Who wins

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I don't know how Voldemort's Death Spell is gonna work against Hades since he's Lord of the Underworld and all that. Hades in de latest movie insta-gibed an Makhai Demon with a mere hand gesture. Together with Zeus he staggered Kronus. Hades to me has showed more raw power than Voldemort. I say Hades takes this.

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I really do believe that the HP cast are weak against anything that are not Twilight.

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@7am_Waking_Up_In_The_Morning: and hunger games

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a death spell won't work on a god lol. hades poops on voldy.

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I never saw Clash of the Titans, but I'm gonna go out on a limb and say Hades due to..being God of the Underworld and all that.

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I never saw clash of the titans either. But i think voldemort can take him. I probably pick it up tomrrow

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Didnt watch the Wrath of Titans, saw Clash though. Any good feats I missed out on? because in clash hades didnt have many fighting feats, he could fly though lol.

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@ChaosBlazer: Yeah you missed out, he uses TK to send an Makhai Demon flying (strong Demon btw), he insta-gibbed one Makhai Demon with his Dark Magic with a simple hand gesture, he was favorized. Together with Zeus he managed to stagger Kronus in the final battle and if you've seen Kronus and what he did in his 5 minutes of existence like: destroying an City with one punch, level'd an mountain, send an shockwave towards Zeus/Hades, lay'd waste to the army by hurling lava and fireballs, tanked 2 Lightning Strikes from Zeus and one Dark Attack from Hades, so kronus was badass. Hades in the second movie displayed more feats in the second movie for sure, but he was depowered in the second movie so imagine how strong he would be at his peak and with his weapon (He was weaponless at the end). like i said i don't know of Voldemort can kill him with his Death Spell seeing as Hades is...you know Lord of the Underworld, and if you watched the first movie: remember at the very end when Perseus used his Lightning Sword to summon Zeus's Lightning to attack Hades, he was defeated/banished even with one attack but STILL was not destroyed.

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@niBBit: Aright cool, I might see that movie soon.

Based on those feats Hades would probably win.

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Fan of Harry Potter since the first film but...

Voldemort meets Hades and kisses his feet 'nuff said

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Hades should win.

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i saw all the feats hades has in the first film, he would definitely owns voldemort

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Hades might thrown off by the fact that Voldemort has no nose. But other then that Hades wins.