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No prep for either. Guts has his Dragonslayer sword and his mechanical hand. Conan has as steel shield, a battle axe, and a broadsword. The fight is in a dense forest. For those unfamiliar with Guts' skills, here you are.

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Guts for the win.

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Guts. Cannon hand.


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Guts rather easily especially if he has the Berserker armor.

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I love Conan, and would love to give him the win...but, how can he contend with Guts' crazy feats?...he cant.

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Conan wins in along good fight.

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Taken from my old post, I don't think Conan has done anything nearly as impressive as Guts. YOU MUST CLICK ON THE SPOILER TO SEE MORE FEATS.

@SlimJ87D said:

Here are some skill feats of Guts.

Defeats this guy that has incredible agility and fighting skill.

EDIT: Well I just made a long post of Gut's fight with Zodd... but the forum deleted it because of flood protection! Waste of 10 minutes...

Gut's vs Zodd second encounter.

Zodd is super humanly fast. He has fought and killed 300 men in one battle, literally. Guts manages to fight his human form to the point where he breaks Zodd's sword and Zodd turns into his true form. In the original Japanese kanji, Rickert comments that he can't even see the sword fight happening at one point. It's obvious that Rickert begins to follow the sword fight once they start flipping around the battlefield instead of just swinging and trading sword blows. Gut's sword is a 300lb slab of iron that has absorbed 100s of demons blood reinforcing it and making it a lot stronger.

Because I got screwed, I don't feel like reposting the images all over again. Please read from page 50 to page 75 where the fight pretty much ends.

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Guts easily.

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Guts. This is a terrible curbstomp.

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guts has similar strength and skill, but is somewhat faster and has better equipment, so he wins most of the time

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Guts is godlike and has overcome way more. Conan gotta gtfoh.

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Gut Stomp?