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who wins a no weapons fight

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Is Riley enhanced for this?

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@BringnIt said:

Is Riley enhanced for this?

Does it matter? Gunn has taken on nests of vampires. Vampires in the buffyverse have steel crushing strength. And in after the fall Gunn showed the fighting skill to keep up with Angel. And Angel dominated Riley while holding back. And Woods, got dominated by Spike. And if he gets dominated by Spike, hes getting dominated by Angel.

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I'm going with Gunn but Riley's training may make it hard for him. Yea Wood gets eaten alive here. And to be far..Spike did beat Angel the last time they fought over rights of that Holy Grail looking cup.

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Gunn, because Wood doesn't have that many feats except losing to Spike and handling himself at the destruction of Sunnydale, and Riley is built up to be a good fighter but hasn't seen a ton of action.