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The fight takes place in a warehouse with boxes and such in the area for taking cover. Both fighters are carrying standard initial equipment (two pistols, an assault rifle, knives, grenades, etc.). They are carrying 4 clips for each gun.

Snake is carrying the M1911A1 pistol, the Socom pistol, The AK-47 assault rifle, Survival Knife, 2 Flashbang Grenades, 2 Smoke Grenades, and 1 Explosive Grenade... He's also carrying his Codec, since Grifter has his limited TK and telepathy here (and for tips against it, meaning he has outside help because the enemy is superpowered).

Grifter is carrying the Beretta 92F, Desert Eagle, the M16 assault rifle, Combat Knife, and the same grenades Snake has, but one of each Flashbang and Smoke. He doesn't have Explosive Grenades, but possesses his limited TK and telepathy...

Both of have prepared to fight each other....

So, who wins?





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I'm gonna have give this to Grifter.

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This is a tough one.It might go to Snake though.

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I think Solid Snake would take this one but Grifter will give Snake a fight...it wont be no Wam !  Bam !  Thank You Mam !  from Snake here...

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I think Snake would come out on top with this. He's faced superpowered enemies before. Not saying that it means he'll win, but I'm saying it to show that this won't be easy for Grifter either. Then, he has the Codec as well, and can easily get intel on Grifter and how to win....

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I'd give this to Grifter. Snake is good but Grifter's combat skills eclipse Snake. I would say Sanke has a chance if he could sneak up on Grifter but that won't happen. If Grifter could can find a suicide bomber that was quite a distance away from him without looking at him Snake can't sneak up on him.