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Grey Hulk is probably the weakest version of the Hulk but he is still Hulk, so he can still lift over a 100 tons, Grey Hulk isn't like the Savage Hulk or the others so what if he faced The Thing from the Fantastic Four who would win? We already know Thing has no chance against Green Hulk but what about Grey Hulk? And what if we throw in a guy who is as strong as the Green Hulk, say someone like Hercules! Who would win in this fight: Hercules vs Grey Hulk vs The Thing. My bet is on Herc.

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The Grey Hulk is the weaker than the classic Green Hulk version.
His baseline strength was around the 70 tonne mark.
It also appeared that he was not quite as durable (being smaller) as the Green versions.

The Grey Hulk has faught the Thing before but when he in his mutated spiky rocky form (when he was stronger and more durable) and the Thing won (I think).

Although the Grey Hulk is weaker, he can still grow in strength but ultimately I think that Hercules could beat him as he will have to get far angrier (which will take longer) to exceed Hercules strength.

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The grey Hulk is very cunning when he fight's, but I would have to say Hercules would win. He would probably use the HUlk to beat on the Thing.

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Hercules would win here... Grey Hulk really isnt that strong and The Thing is tough but I think Herc would take him out too
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Herc wins. He's the strongest and the better fighter.

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grey hulk can win if he gets angry quick enough

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Light said:
"grey hulk can win if he gets angry quick enough"
He can't. He was onced beaten easily by the Thing win his power was raised to class 100. And since Hercules would still have been stronger than him, it's safe to say that he would beat a grey Hulk just as easily. Grey Hulk strength was limited even with his rage factor.
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this was an unfair fight! lOl

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Alpha said:
"Herc wins. He's the strongest and the better fighter. "