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Battle takes place in an un-populated NYC.

Alex Mercer cannot beat Green Hulk, so i'd like to see how he would fare against Grey Hulk.

  • This is Alex Mercer at his strongest, but cannot consume Grey Hulk.

  • Both combatants are enraged, blood-lusted and morals off.

  • No Prep Time, outside interference, or BFR.

So who will win this fight?

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Alex wins and i still say Alex beats Hulk too.

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Alex beats most Hulks, actually. Grey Hulk is raped, Savage is beaten, and someone stated that 3 more can go either way.

Alex is raped by WWH and WBH though (World War Hulk and WorldBreaker Hulk).

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Higher levels of hulk ( wb and wwh) probably win because Alex can't take that kind of punishment. He can definetly beat grey hulk even if it becomes a slugfest, and he can beat savage with his weaponry

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Normal Hulk would handle Alex.

Grey hulk looses Though, alex is very versatile.

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@pope052: Alex 8/10 Their strength is equal, most likely both can throw trucks and rip of shelters of tanks with ease but Alex has a big speed advantage and his powers are enough to devastate Hulk.

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Hulk should win here