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Alan Scott (with the control of Starheart):


Tyrant (Full-Powered):

Tyrant decides to invade Earth and he easily defeats the entire Justice League. Alan Scott furious, decides to confront and defeat him in a fight for everything.

Who will win in a fight at full power and for everything?

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Wasn't full powered Tyrant basically able to challenge Galactus? If that's the case, I'd take Tyrant here...

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Obvious answer is obvious.

Tyrant curbstomps.

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@dondave: You are really trying to get me and Beatboks1 in a major argument arent you :p... Logically Tyrant should win because he is Galactus near equal, depowered or otherwise, sadly he has very limited appearences and hence limited feats and pretty much no showing of versatility just raw power (while Galactus career is racking with versatility showings). So you can honestly make a decent case for Starheart, this is a very hard topic to effectively argue.

@equonox: Tyrant has always been Galactus's equal, before and after the said depower-ment.

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No argument to be had here. I don't know Tyrant but if you say he's Galactus level that's good enough for me. Alan shouldn't take Galactus without a Shite load of plot working for him so I don't think he'd take this. He'll make a fight of it ( no "curbstomp") but loose the majority.

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Well...we do have scans like this one:

Now...I'm fully willing to admit that the whole "must have destroyed galaxies" could very well be hyperbole. On the other hand though, clearly Tyrant has enough power at his disposal to hurt Galactus...so the statement might not be all that far off from reality. Anyone that Galactus has to go all out on is not someone to be trifled with.

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Tyrant is too much for even full power Alan.

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Spite tbh

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