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  • Green lantern corps - Hal Jordan, Guy Gardener, John Stewart, Kyle Rayner, Simon Baz, Killowog, Arisa, Katma Tui, Salakk, and Sodom Yat

  • Speedsters - Jay Garrick, Barry Allen, Wall y west, Bart Allen, Max Mercury, Jesse Chambers, and Iris west
  • Batman Incorporated - Batman, Dick Grayson, Tim drake, Damien Wayne, Knight and Squire, Nightrunner, Mr. Unknown, Batwing, El Gauncho, Chief Man of Bats and Red Raven, Dark Ranger, Cassandra Cain, The Outsiders, Huntress, Stephanie Brown, Barbara Gordon, and Batwoman


  • Team superman - Superman, Superboy, Supergirl, Power girl, Krypto, and Mon EL

  • Morals are off
  • Win by kill blow
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Team 1 Stomps, the Green Lanterns could Solo

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Team Lanterns/Speedsters/Batmen

I'd love to see Krypto with morals off though...

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Random person: The superman team could just heat blast everyone

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God, team 1 wins incredibly easily.

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Team 1 mega stomps.

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@kidamazo29: Wally has already shown that he can phase through heat vision, and Jay has shown that Kryptonians are vulnerable to Speed Steal. Wally solo's with ease, Barry and Bart can quite possibly do the same. Green Lanterns could very possibly take the Super-Team by themselves. Speedster team would slaughter-stomp Team Supes without breaking a sweat. The Bat Team is mostly a non-factor, but Team 1 still murders Team 2 horribly.