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the 3 deadliest spiderman villains collide 
no prep time 
fight is in manhatten rooftops 
nobody knows anyones weaknesses so they r relying on their own ability
they are all fighting as hard as they could no holding back (i dont know y any of them would) 

norman osborn is green goblin 
eddie brock is venom 
otto octavius is doc ock (obviously) 
i personally say green goblin takes this
who would win?    

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I would put my money on venom.  He has more or less got this in my opinion.

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Eddie wins

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I want to say GG wins, but Eddie takes this.

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GG. Pumpkin bombs and glider.

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What's stopping Stormin Norman from soaring and spamming bombs?

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Also would say GG wins... Bombs counter venom, venom cant reach GG. Also DocOc couldnt do shit out of spamming cars...

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@the_last_son_of_czarnia: nothing, but venom would just survive, he took direct punches from juggernaut and asked for more, he also took fire blasts from ghost rider

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Ok, so how does Brock reach Osbourne?

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ok maybe i just remeber Spiderman 3 but doesnt some bombs of the new GG combined with loud sounds kill Venom?

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I seem to recall Ghost Rider and Juggernaut doing significant damage to Venom, albeit not as much as I would have expected.

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1. Venom

2. Green Goblin

3. Doctor Octopus

Venom is stronger than Green Goblin by few tons difference. He is faster as well, can turn invisible, is very, very durable and can use his webbing to either catch the pumpkin bombs and throw them back and he can also use it to most likely stop the Goblin from flying around. I don't think that the Goblin is strong enough to break free from the symbiotes webbing. If it was a different symbiote host, it might be a closer match between them, but Eddie was such a skilled symbiote host. IMO the best Venom up to date.

Oh and Doctor Octopus is a non-factor in the fight, because of his low durability and the lack of morals his opponents have. There was a Venom issue a while ago, where Venom (Flash) punched Captain America once, while losing control and instantly knocked him out, even nearly killed him in the process. Just because he wasn't holding back. If you nearly kill Captain America with one strike, than you can do a lot more damage to Doctor Octopus if he makes one mistake and his tentacles are not there to protect him. I understand why Doc Ock is in this battle, but the Lizard would have been a better choice.

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@chibio: unless doc oc is superior spiderman than it be diffrent but i see green goblin wins

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Well venom is one my favorite characters so he has my bias vote lol

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Unless Green Goblin can exploit Venoms weakness, then it goes to Venom, with Green Goblin coming second.