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In a huge abandoned warehouse in the dock's of Keystone, these three face off, everyman for himself, there are boxes, crates, cranes,forklift's and loads of shadow. Lots of places to hide and operate here.

Give your reasons on who would win out of these three.

I personally think Nightwing or G.A. as Nightwing would go for Red Arrow first then Green Arrow, or Green Arrow will wait for Nightwing to pick of Red Arrow, and then make his move.

But overall i think nightwing will dodge arrows and use a varaity of gas and bombs to outsmart his oponents.

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Arrows travel faster than baterangs ;)

Get on MSN by the way you little rat.

I'm gonna say Nightwing cause i'm a fanboy.

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Terminal Velocity says:

"Arrows travel faster than baterangs ;) Get on MSN by the way you little rat. I'm gonna say Nightwing cause i'm a fanboy."

Arrows do travel faster. Plus, Red Arrow and Green Arrow know each other and each others tactics and Red Arrow knows some about Nightwing and vice versa but Green Arrow knows very little to none about Nightwing and his techniques. It could go either way. But if I had to choose. Green Arrow, since he is the most experienced.

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@titan3510: actually its the opposite . green arrow has alot of experience but just because hes older doesnt mean he has had the most experience in fact nightwing has . nightwing has been fighting crime alongside batman since he was a kid , were as green arrow started later . nightwing is better at h2h and is a far better acrobatic which should count for something as there are a lot of of crates and boxes :D

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U kidding me? This is an acrobat playground. Ga and ra can try to work together to take him down but we're talking about a guy who dodges bullets easily and whose armor deflects heavy bullets. He also has his own arsenal of gear. He could cut the power then hunt them down arkham asylum style! He is the better h2h fighter and more e perienced

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