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Green Arrow


David Cain


  • David Cain has dual pistols with unlimited bullets but must reload and a combat knife
  • Green arrow has standard gear
  • Win by KO/Death/Incapacitation
  • Random encounter
  • Morals are on
  • This is David Cain when he was older


  • Both begin visible
  • Begin on opposite ends
  • Fight takes place here:

Who wins and why?

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Here are some David Cain scans if anyone wants:

David Cain trained Deadshot for a bit. He also beats him while tied.
VS Batman
VS cassandra (daddy issues could play a slight role)
VS Batman again
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David Cain for the majority.

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Is Ollie pre or post Natas' training ?

When you refer to "standard gear" from which era?? There have been a couple of periods where his "standard gear" was just a bow and ordinary arrow shafts

Also to morals from which time period/era ??? Those periods when he didn't carry trick arrows are also periods where he had little to NO aversion to killing. For example when he killed Promethius. This was FAR from the first time Ollie was a cold blooded killer.

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It is too bad we don't see much of David Cain, anymore. Is he dead?

I think Cain wins.

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Cain, I reckon.

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David Cain for the win

Olie is a quality fighter but I think Cain is better...

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David Cain is skilled enough to pull the win here..

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If we talk about the Arrow version(TV series on CW)then I think that Ollie will win(not easy)the battle in the end.He is a very tough fighter and don't forget that he NEVER misses!!!!And the place that you put the fight I think Ollie's trick arrows will be a factor!!!

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David Cain for the majority.

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@beatboks1: This post Natas training green arrow and I will let him have some of his more looser morals I suppose. As for his arrows He will have a 50 regular arrows and 15 of every trick arrow mentioned on this scan (except the count down arrow because I am not to familiar with how powerful it is):

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Arrow,trick arrows ftw.