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By the way this is Green Arrow & Red Arrow team-up against Bullseye incase you didn't understand. I havn't decided on the outcome yet myself by the way :P

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What weapons does Bullseye have

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Yeah, it kinda depends on the weapons Bullseye has. I don't really know how good of a shot and what kind of accomplishments Red Arrow has done. In fact, I've never even heard of Red Arrow.....

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Speedy and Arrow, Arrow by himself could beat him!

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Hal Jordan said that Roy would soon surpass Ollie in terms of archery and with his weapons skills, the former Speedy could give GA a run for his money so I would think both Roy and Ollie could beat Bullseye, hands down.

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I think if Bullseye could pick up something to use as a shield from the arrows, he could find some stuff to take them out one at a time. But if the arrows flank him, I think he's going down.

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Team 1.