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Start 50 feet apart.


Deserted NY city Street (not Hell`s Kitchen)

GA has 19 arrows and 5 darts besides his bow and standard costume

DD had his costume plus both Billy clubs

Each of them have the morals that apply in their universo (so basically no morals for either of them)

Win by KO, Kill ot TKO

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Dare devil wins... I like arrow more

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Daredevil should honestly take every win here. He's more skilled and has the reflexes and agility to easily handle Arrow's projectiles.

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Daredevil FTW

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Daredevil easily...in th movie he has shown to be able to dodge point blank bullets, Machine guns, ....

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Daredevil stomps.

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Daredevil pretty easily.

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Arrow, he seems more skilled and has more feats

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Daredevil, he was showing pretty much superhuman stats in the film, and he was able to easily dodge Bullseye's projectiles. I don't see why he couldn't against Oliver.

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Daredevil ftw

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Bump 1 year later!

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