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The tail cannot be cut off to turn oozaru back to gohan(this is "Oozaru vs Kyuubi" NOT "Gohan vs Kyuubi"). Takes place on Earth in a baron wasteland. Win by K.O. or death or BFR.

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Kyuubi crushes, but Bardock or Vegeta (a trained Saiyan may have a chance.

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I'm pretty sure the mindless ape takes this, Great Ape has better feats to back it up(claimed feats). Whipping out an entire planet( not destroying) is pretty impressive stacked up against whipping out a village.

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Great ape wins due to the fact he does not have to charge as long as the kyuubi to fire off his main attack.

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Great Ape Gohan wins. He's worth like 2 and a half Raditz in that state.

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Any Sayan will eat Kyuubi alive.

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i feel like the ape wont know how to utilize its power correctly to fight kyuubi where kyuubi will know better

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Tell that to vegeta and piccolo.
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Great Ape Gohan

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Any saiyan wrecks Kyuubi.

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