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round 1 - H2H  only  
round 2 - raiden / gray fox can use swords / built in weapon ( fox ) masterchief can use assault rifle, energy sword/ venom can use webs , tentacles 
all bloodlusted  
fight takes place in empty street 
who wins ?
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master chief dies easily. venom would pose a major threat. I'm sure he is stronger faster and has bigger hops then both. Easily disarm them and then pull of their head with his bare hands

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Which Venom is this? Judging by the picture I guess its current in a Vulked out state?

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master chief wouldnt die that easily going off the feats he's done in the games and novels.
eddie brock 
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@spartan92: How strong is Vemon? 'Cause Rex weight is said to be  1 114 326.5 pounds in the MGS official book, and I don't think that Venom is in the 100 ton class or is he? Fox also has been able to dodge twin vulcan canons, and just one fires 6,600 rounds per minute. So that 
6,600 rounds per minute+6,600 rounds per minute coming at you at the same time.
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Both Ninja and Raiden should be stronger based on feats. Fox is quicker for sure as well.

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Raiden solos

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@BeaverSauce said:

Raiden solos

Chief or Venom would solo easily. Raiden with cybernetics had a hard time with Vamp, he'd be the first person to die.

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Bumped since now results would be vastly different

Raiden (Revengance) stomps

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  1. Either way
  2. Cyborg Ninjas easily

MGS4 Raiden= Team Cyborg Ninja in a good fight

MGRR Raiden= Team 2 are sliced in a matter of seconds

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Going with Team one here.

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