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GR-44 (Universal Soldier), largely immune to bullets, pain, and emotions, fights Batman in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Bats has most of his gadgets. GR-44 has an arsenal capable of annihilating a small army and tank division.


  • A fighter must be incapacitated in some way to lose
  • No outside help
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GR-44 is basically a reanimated corpse of a soldier, reprogrammed to be a killing machine. At least that's how I understood it from the movie.

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Batman wins after a long and hard fight. 

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need to know more about the situation... with GR44 having so many weapons, it makes a difference if they are at a distance or not. H2H I think Batman could win if morals are off... morals on, I don't think he would win, the only way to do so would require him killing the universal soldier.
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Universal Solider because Batman is too weak to kill anyone.