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@wavemotioncannon: Mr. Freeze isn't a martial artist,then I believe highly trained assassin can beat him. Jason attack doesn't defeat or cause any injuries,but you don't mentioned he froze his gun. Roy hit with the shok arrow,because Mr. Freeze was distracted dealing with Starfire.

@cameron83:What you lowballing Bat-characters? I'm done with this,you used to be more logical and respectable. I pay some respect to the team marvel, then do the same

@lone_wolf_and_cub:Do you have a real opinion or will stay mocking around? If not,don't comment

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@matchesmalone21 said:


2) Personality,tatics.... No matter what they've faced before, these villains don't act and don't think the same as those faced before,you're using a silly logic. Don't overdo the only ones real team's marvel strategists/tacticians is Captain America and Punisher,by being able to adapt to changes on the battlefield (which they doesn't hve knowledge as the villains),about the others their feats relies on prep time.

Nobody's sonics would be a problem to Daredevil and Venom,they are the most susceptible to this type of attack and moreover the clothes is bulletproof, whether small or higher calibers and provides invisibility.

Poison Ivy's Perennials would keep them busy causing them to consume their ammunition,while poisoned those who don't have chemicals immunity.

4) Your great problem is overrated Marvel characters a lot,you didn't ever considerated Poison Ivy connection with The Green,peharps do you what The Green is? In addition to control over the plants she tends to create new species that act as automatic defense systems (Read Detective Comics 14),she doesn't need to be around. Poison Ivy she's no fool like before, now she is more manipulative and strategist,not to mention the scientific skills.

Yes,Batman does this stuff too,but he doesn't make it in every issue in which it appears he is no longer the Batgod since 2011. Doesn't matter how faster they are,they can be hit,again they aren't invincible and were defeated by slower people... When you'll going to use some logic? What they doesn't have weakness?

Despite being skilled Punisher and Hawkeye still had human weakness,as most of them. The funniest thing is some of them try to catch White Rabbit.

Controlling plants in her uniform to protect from attacks.

Attaching plants to the suit and control it.
One of the early experiments the Perennials,half man/half plant.

Created a toxin capable to extinguish all human life on Earth,she infected BOP with it.

I ask fors cans not wikia info. About Cap just prove what I said..so what's the point?

He is also highly resistant to hypnosis or gases that could limit his focus

Actually,I am not overrating them,this is stuff that they do on a general daily basis without much effort. Simply because they can be hit by bullets doesn't mean that they would. And Batman gets hit by slow criminals,does that mean that he can't dodge a bullet? And Daredevil,on more than one occasion,has deflected bullets. Captain America has dodged bullets with ease,and has even been said to see them at a visible pace where he can keep up with them. So tell me how does that overrate them when you:

1. Not only dismiss their feats and throw them aside as if they are nothing (even when they show that most everything the villains throw would be useless).

2. Only focus on the villains feats.

I mean,that's being incredibly one sided. That's the thing,I AM taking into consideration of their feats. And I must see if the heroes have any way whatsoever of countering it based on abilties and feats...which most of them DO for most of these characters. You must take into consideration the feats of BOTH teams,not just one. I've provided you with many feats. Want scans? Look them up...here are a few.





He deflected the bullet with the tip of his billy club with such precision that it went into his attacker shoulder.

Here is more



Again notice how effortless he does it with such accuracies.

This is a constant feat of DD thru out his career




And this doesn't even begin to cover it

This isn't overrating. This isn't ignoring feats. These are basic things these characters consistently do. And that's my point. Yet you're ignoring them and only taking into consideration and focusing on the feats of DC characters (which,some of them are highly powerful). But even THEY don't have enough feats (save for Ivy and Clayface).

It's only logical to take into consideration the feats of both characters and teams.You can say that you ARE,butthe feats that I've easily pulled from a simple search shows that most of what the villains throw would be ineffective. These are just a FEW feats...and I'm still focusing on the villains...

Point is,I've already presented enough feats that prove such ineffectiveness. Whether one wants to take them into consideration or not is not really my concern. You say you are taking into consideration their feats,but say something contrary the next second. It's like me saying that I acknowledge that Batman is one of the greatest Martial Artists in the DCU,but I feel that he would be beaten by an average brawler...that's basically what this is like. I provide multiple feats and abilities that demonstrate the ineffectiveness that the opponents would throw (you say you acknowledge them),but then completely ignore them and post scans that would still be useless against the heroes (which would be contrary to what you claim).They speak for themselves.... I've already provided a few which are just the tip of the iceberg.So either they are being ignored or just unknown.Either way,they aren't being taken into consideration since,if they were,you would see how useless and ineffective the points are.... Which was done like,twice now. And btw,I am not really referring to Poison Ivy...

And regarding the prep....I thought this was a random encounter?

Anyway,the villains DO require prep,they just instantly can't think of a plan in the heat of a battle.

Those are just a few...most every long range attack would be useless,and most of the characters would be stomped in combat...the only real threats are Poison Ivy and Clayface. Clayface would possibly be narrowly defeated with lots of effort which may result in the deaths of most of the heroes.

I already posted feats and abilities that are consistent and constant with the characters that shows immunity against most of what these people can throw. It's not overrating,because I already posted feats and abilities of such. The logical thing to do would be to see the feats of BOTH teams,which I AM doing. These feats show that they are not only capable of HARMING them,but also immune to what most of them can throw at them....also,as said,Batman and Nightwing were capable of taking out many of them,such as Riddler and Scarecrow in Arkham...and I've given you enough feats to prove my point. As said earlier and by another,the Arkham inmates don't even have enough feats or even ones that will do them much.

Correct.Anyway,I am done here. Just as you said you are,so am I...there isn't really much a point in this. We're both done on this....

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@matchesmalone21: He always does that, picks a character(s) that he likes and says stomp.