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Flash, Baylin, Dr. Hans, Ming and all soldiers

Year 2077 industrial corporate soldiers of the Continuum

Marvel Helicarrier, shield laser guns, agents etc

All of Gotham's soldiers, bad guys, cops, superheros

full out war

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Gotham City.

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Gotham murderstomps.

Even if we ignore the special superheroes who operate or have operated in Gotham (JSA, Zatanna, Zatarra, Deadman, etc); we still have the fact that the inhabitants are deadly and crazy enough that after an earthquake the U.S. Government evaquated the city and declared it a No Man's Land; which is land that is under dispute and left unoccupied out of fear. The U.S. government, which specializes in invading the most horrific places in long drawn out battles, pulled out because even they were too afraid of Gotham. That tells you something.