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  • No Prep
  • In-Character
  • Bloodlust Off
  • They Have Full Knowledge About Each Other
  • Stand Distand Is 30 Feet
  • Win By KO/Death/BFR


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Strabrand IMO, but neither can really be proved. Thor was able to do more against Gorr than whole Avengers team against Starbrand.

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Starbrand. His power is limited only by his imagination.

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Based on the given showing i am going with Gorr.

And for the record , no i don't question Starbrand at full power [ the weapon itself and not Kevin Conner], is likely a whole different level compared to Necrosword or the god-bomb, but i do question the ability for Kevin Conner to weild it to a power level beyond that of a guy who just defeated 3 Thor one of whom was a skyfather, killed entire pantheons etc.