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The fight takes place in Asgard. No prep. Morals are off. Win by Death. Who wins? 

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Does Gorr get his butcher pups?

I think Gorr could take Hulk only because Hulk has been shown to be vulnerable to piercing damage. Gorr was able to impale Thor, who has been barely scratched by Wolverine's claws. Wolverine has been able to cut deep into Hulk so I would assume Gorr can too. Gorr has been shown to have superspeed and flight being able to blitz Thor off a flying horse and has so far only been shown to be stunned by Thor's thunder or an axe in the back.

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Gorr seems to be almost invincible when it comes to brute strenght. I am giving it to him, since he can hold Thor.

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gorr smash hulk

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It would have to be a high version of Hulk to stand a chance, although he wouldn't be able to toy with and torture Hulk like he did with Thor, this is a guy that can take on three Thor's at the same time so beating this guy is gonna be a big feat.

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Gorr stomps.

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Didn't it take three Thors to beat Gorr? I love Hulk but even as Worldbreaker status I think he might be outclassed here.

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@granitesoldier: I wouldn't say WB Hulk is outclassed, we haven't even seen WB Hulk in a hard fight so there's no real way of knowing what it would take to stop him, i'm not saying WB Hulk would win i just don't think we have enough on WB Hulk to make an opinion like that.

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