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Both bloodlusted

They start 20 feat away

EU feats can be used for both

Ezio has his hidden blades

Goro has his " dragon fangs "

Round 1: Fight takes place in a large open field, no prep

Round 2: Fight takes place in 1500's England with 1 week prep

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goro takes this and easy i think he has some sort of durability

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@KINGJAMES447: Even in the city?

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Ezio mutch faster he will lop off Goro>s arms and then engrave Goro>s face with his blades :)

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Goro easy.

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What does it take to kill Goro?

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@joewell said:

@KINGJAMES447: Even in the city?

goro is a trained warrior and shao kanhs right hand man so he can probably counter ezio and also HE HAS 4 ARMS

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Goro wins both Rounds with ease.

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Goro would win heads up, but with prep I think Ezio could cook up some good stuff (ie poision grenades or the like). Then again, it's not garanteed that human poison would work on Goro so who know.

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Ezio wins because he is much more faster and agile compared to Goro and is pretty skilled in the art of assassination.

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Ezio can engage like 15-20+ armed enemies at once without getting tagged...he's that agile. How is Goro going to tag him? And what makes Goro immune to an 8inch blade in his neck/chest?

Goro is a BAMF, but Ezio is way more skilled in the art of killing than the MK fighters...martial arts and assassin skills are just...different