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Battle takes place in Metropolis - nearby the Daily Planet

No Prep time- just a random encounter.

A battle to the death- both having to survive

Cars are around to be thrown and flipped at the opposition ( but these are limited), weapons found can be used i.e. lamppost poles.

(sorry if its been done before)

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Either one in t1 can solo.

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@Mistry_Riddler: A fairer fight would be Grodd vs Mallah, Lizard, and Croc. Even then, Grodd would murder stomp. Physically he possesses a level of strength/durability right under New God level, he's light years ahead of these guys in intelligence, and to boot he has formidable mind control/telepathic powers. Occasionally Grodd has displayed other psychic powers like telekinesis.

Honestly, this is a mismatch

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Croc could solo if he had his Rock. :P

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Grodd takes it on his own.

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