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NOTE: This Battle is between Golden God Prime Superman with Possession of the ( Heart of the Universe ) vs Divine Spawn with ( Man of Miracles ) WHO WINS???

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With full backing of MoM? 
Well it been suggested that MoM is indeed omnipotent,while for HOTU has been stated to be a supreme power as well. 
Really when you get to levels of power this high it's ALL based on the interpretation of the reader.
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probably stalemate, HOTU is supposed to give omni-potence right?

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doesn't the HOTU tap TOAA power?
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@Thor's hammmer said:
" doesn't the HOTU tap TOAA power? "
The idea is basically that TOAA apparently got sick of his power or something so contrived a highly convoluted plot to give it (or most of it) to Thanos, which is what the HOTU was, so that he could restart the universe. It was kind of a sad attempt by Starlin to recapture the glory of the Infinity Gauntlet saga. 
I don't know why Superman is even part of this. HOTU is going to supercede anybody's own power; even Living Tribunal with it would not be any stronger than Pip the Troll with it. You could almost say it basically turns anyone into Precon Beyonder.
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divine spawn

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The Heart of Infinite wins.

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The Heart of Infinite and the Power of the Man of Miracles stalemate... its essentially all the Power of an Omnipotent God...
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I would say this fight is a stalemate