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who wins


both get 3 hrs to prepare

goku vs loki

goku has a bag of senzu beans & pogostick, and loki has the cube and his septer who wins and why

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Loki with prep.

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Loki should win

At first I was going to say Goku until I saw Loki had prep.

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Loki wins, with his prep and the cube he would be able to overcome Goku`s abilities as well as devise a plan to win or trick Goku.

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Loki with prep wins, not sure how hard of a battle though.

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Loki is a MASSIVELY cooler character than Goku...

However, I think Goku would win. I suppose Loki was able to trick Thor someone who's at minimum on par with Goku...idk who wins, but honestly I would absolutely love to Loki PWN Goku...but I'm not sure that would happen tbh.

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Loki may be cooler but I personally think Goku's a better character but on-topic I think he should win this fight.

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Loki should win with prep.

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Goku stomps

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Loki with prep