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Im not sure if this is a mismatch or not. Here are the rules

Takes place on an abandoned wasteland.

Goku can go up to SS5.

Galactus is fully fead.


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If Galactus is not too lazy to fight, he can just end the battle quickly like this.

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Please read the battle forums. This is a mismatch of epic proportions. Goku can't even beat Superman let alone Galactus.

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Galactus has himself a nice little Goku-shaped dessert.

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Galactus stomps Goku

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Are you f**king serious? Galactus with ease, this is the s**t that got anime vs comic battles banned in the first place.

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One thing I don't understand is that what makes people Galactus can catch Goku?

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This has been done before. Flagged for being a repeated battle and for being spite. Galactus is a cosmic entity who cannot be killed by Goku. He does not possess the means to do so.

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there is no SS5, this is also a mismatch. Goku dies horribly.

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@LifeShaver: Because he's Galactus, he can just make Goku appear in his hand if he so wishes, he can turn off his powers, or turn him to ash from half way across the Galaxy. It would require every bit of power Goku has to even get Galactus to notice him

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Then why didn't Galactus do this when Thor did him in?

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@LifeShaver: Galactus wasn't fully fed.

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Mismatch. Galactus curbstomps Goku.

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Kneel before Galactus

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@LifeShaver: What instance are you pertaining to? There has been one instance of Thor hurting Galactus' hand. The most recent encounter between both of them, resulted in Thor knocking himself out by flying into Galactus' head, trying to distract him from defeating Odin.

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Galactus megastomps

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Even though there's not SS5, I'd say Goku

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Yeah i see Goku having as much luck as Nova.

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Goku becomes Galactus herald

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@StMichalofWilson said:

Even though there's not SS5, I'd say Goku

Please tell me this is a joke.

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@matmatxm8: Goku is not worthy

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This thread was made on pure ignorance. 

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@Nightflash: LOL

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Galactus solos the entire DBZ universe, and dont tell me he cant, because 1) Majin Buu almost did it 2) Goku is stronger than god (Supreme Kais, Grand Supreme Kai, etc) in DBZ, strongest non-fusion character period, and he doesnt have a freaking prayer against Galactus.

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Sad thing is Goku would win in DBZ universe even if he should lose everywhere else, DBZ was a horrible anime story-wise, we still pay for it with threads like this

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galactus epic curbstomp. comic vine was down for me up until about a minute ago am i the only one?

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Probably the only thing Goku can do to hurt Galactus is the Spirit Bomb which did Buu and Shenron in. Notice I said "hurt" and not "defeat" because Goku is not beating a fully fed Galactus without some serious amplifications playing into his favor.

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@MorganFreeman: A starved Galactus was capable of taking out the entire Annihilation wave that was spread across several galaxies in less than a second, and these were guys who took down the Kree empire in under a week.

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Sadly yes, this is a massive mismatch.