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No prep 
Morals off 
No instant win by destuction of the Planet 
Goku dose not know what the team is capable of 
CN Team knows what hes capable of  



Powerpuff and Rowdyruff and Powerpunk 
Dexter (All Mechs and his Computer in watch form no Time manipulation weapons) 
Samurai Jack 
Mandark (all his robots) 
Sym Bionic Titan 
Megas XLR
Secret Saturdays  
Fight Location 
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Dexter/Mandark or PPG/RRB can do it alone.

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Goku can handle the PowerPuffs.

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Cartoon Network.
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goku stomps spirit ball and all of them would be wiped out

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@GrandSymbiote94: but doesn't the spirit bomb only effect evil beings? 
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No the spirit bomb can be deflected by beings of pure heart but against evil beings it cannot be deflected and either way the evil beings on the other team is is pretty much all he has to worry about.
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Goku needs to wear a condom so he doesn't impregnate the cartoon network characters after he rapes the shit out of them

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buttercup solo or bubblevicious 

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Samurai Jack stomps.
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Dexter with Prep Solos
Aku at his best Solos
The PowerPuff Girls Cast beat him