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Goemon Ishikawa XIII  from Lupin the 3rd and Yajirobe from Dragonball Z. The fight takes place in the Tenkaichi Budokai arena. The rules of the tournament apply the same to this fight, obviously excluding the no weapons rules. They are both given access to their swords only.

Who walks out the victor?
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A few basic feats of Goemon:

-Outran a bullet train
-Cuts multiple rifles and guns and their ammo with one attack
-Cuts through buildings, multiple I-beams, trains, boats, etc.
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Hedatary said:
" Yajirobe"
What are some of Yajirobe's feats?
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Just want to say, Guy-Bot is my alt. 

I put some thought into this match, which is unusual coming from me. I actually thought about this one, so can somebody give me a reply?

That is all. 
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Goemon Extreme STOMP!

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Anyone else?

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Goemon STOMP.


He moves faster than bullets. He can cut anything with his blade. He has more courage. He is a better swordsman. He is smarter. Yajorobe has no advantage whatsoever.

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I never really seen Yajirobe do anything amazing
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This is a joke, isn't it? You can't possibly send that poore Yajirobe for slaughter.