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- Full knowledge

- In-Character

- Winner by Death

- No BFR

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I know more about the God Emperor, and thus I have to go with him.

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From what I know of Loki the GEOM stomps.

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GEOM in his prime supermegaroflwtfstompstothemaxruhigh

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I just learned about the GEOM and even I think Loki get's beaten.

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I have no Idea who GEoM is.

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I have no Idea who GEoM is.

God Emperor of Mankind. Born from the souls of all psychic humans around 8000 BC, he is immortal, and has made it his quest to unite humanity and stamp out the gods of Chaos. His "children," each only having a fraction of his abilities, can destroy mountains while fighting, teleport entire cities with their minds, regenerate near instantly if killed, lift multi-hundred ton objects, etc. The Emperor himself opened up a multi-solar system wide hole between the Warp and reality, while near death. He also can stand up to all four Chaos gods at once, and to see their power I'd need some daemon stats, which I don't have.