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I know they have fought before but, who would win in your mind

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Still Gladiator only because Vulcan still has not reached the power levels to defeat him.  Eventually Vulcan will surpass Gladiator.

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Gladiator should be able to handle Vulcan right now..
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Gladiator, but only because Vulcan isn't properly trained in his powers. Gladiator wields energies like his eye-beams that Vulcan should easily be able to turn against him. In the end it doesn't matter, and Gladiator would snatch out his other eye.

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Gladiator would easily win.
Vulcan's reaction speeds are only human while Gladiator can react at speeds faster than the human eye can follow and Vulcan's durability is insufficient to stop Gladiator caving his skull in.

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no gladiater wouldnt because did u see that one fight vulcan was barley defeated and the only reason he was is because he was weakened and hes not at full potential but that was how many years ago, i think vulcan could defently win, oh and another reason is becaus ethe wrtier even said if that was a 1 vs. 1 battle with vulcan and gladiater, vulcan could win...vulcan has many more powers than him he has electricy,fire,a wierd form of telekinesses,he can turn off other peoples powers, and most of all energy manipulation where he can actually absorb energy and if he absorbed enough energy out of someone he could actually leave them powerlees and maybe even take thier powers.

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if gladiator is so powerful as you all think than y doesnt he over throw vulcan...even the writer said vulcan had the power to beat him but he didnt use it right and all gladiater has on him is confidence and gladiator has to have a special suit just to manipulate his own powers and i dont know about you all but i think characters that has to have a special object or suit just to use his powers right is pretty lame, they should be able to control it naturally,like cable he has to have that stupid gun just to channel his powers and havok will over load with out his suit. vulcan on his own especialy againest the imperial guard and dont you remember how much they weakened him, i mean first they use that one girls mental powers to get into his mind than started throwing everything at them.so i think vulcan did pretty good in that fight and say we start this over looking at vulcan vs. gladiator one on one. oh and i dont know about you guys but i think in the upcoming war of the kiings gladiator will try to over throw vulcan and vulcan will say hell no and beat gladiator to the floor like he did cosair

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Gladiator wins..easily.

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Gladiator easy

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geraldthesloth said:
"Gladiator easy"
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I would say Vulcan but then I'd be lying so Gladiator....

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