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Both are Universe level reality/time warpers from what I've heard, and I've been wondering about Giorno Giovannis feats. Franklin Richards is the son of Mr and Mrs Fantastic from The Fantasic Four, Giorno Giovanni is the son of a mobster from Jojo's Bizarre Adventure. Who would win in this fight? Also language warning for Giorno Giovanni...

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I don't know anything about Giovanni... He looks like a guido though. Anyway ill side with the guy above celestials until someone show some scans about the guido.

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Giorno isn't really a reality warper and doesn't have time manipulation powers.He can nullify any attack and was never stated as having a limit. Here's the description of his abilities from the manga.

He can only do this with GER though,which is the evolved version of his stand in the picture in the OP.Franklin is a powerful enough reality warper to overpower his ability though.The only way that Giorno can win is if he touches Franklin,otherwise he gets blinked out of existence. He has other powers but none will really make any difference.

He is one of the most broken characters in fiction since he can beat almost any character that's not beyond the universe or a reality warper.

@ghostravage: Well one of the other characters is named Guido Mista and this part of the manga takes place in Italy.

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@skit: When I asked someone on Anime Vice about Giorno's powers, they said this;

"I'd say so. But I haven't read the latest parts. Jojo's is in parts each connected but with mostly different characters. Giorno can in fact do more than just control space/time. He can bypass time entirely. He also can revert anything to zero including time, strength, speed, and he has infinite stats like strength. He's Extremely powerful."

By the way, would you say he's the strongest character in Jojo's Bizarre Adventure?

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GER= gg

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@kingofash: That person was wrong,GER only stopped time erasing when it affected him. He wasn't able to prevent time erasing when it was only being used for precog.It was still time being erased but because it wasn't really affecting him he couldn't negate it.He doesn't have infinite stats either,the stats page would have said infinite stats if he did.He most likely retains his stats he had before becoming GER.Further evidence of this is most other stands that get boosted to requiem lose their previous abilities,GER did not.The problem is though, that he only got one volume as GER so we don't fully know.

I don't think he's the most powerful,but he is up there.The most powerful is probably Jesus,since he basically had everybody's powers from part 7.Others to consider are Enrico since he had multiple stands,if killed the universe would reset, and he time manipulation so powerful he ended the universe and basically became God in the new one.Then theirs Funny Valentine who could go into a space where all bad luck(any attack basically) would go to the least lucky on the planet,he can make people unlucky so this is quite powerful. Additionally he could dimension hop,had instant regen and could make an infinite number of clones of himself(without his powers).Lastly he can take the versions of his opponents from one of the alternate universes and have them touch causing them to be erased from reality.

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I also found this...

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@skit: Right then. So maybe one of them instead of Giorno? Next time.

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@kingofash: Yeah that's Enrico,but I don't think anybody in the JJBA verse can deal with a reality warper. The closest they have gotten so far was a matter manipulator but he was really incompetent with his powers.Same with Notorious B.I.G who couldn't be beaten without being BFR to a place with 24/7 movement or reality warping. Reality warping really trumps everything in JJBA verse so far seen.

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Anybody that says Franklin doesn't know squat about GioGio.

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To give this a bump...

If Giorno can nulify any attack on a universal level, how can Franklin hurt him?

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To give this a bump...

If Giorno can nulify any attack on a universal level, how can Franklin hurt him?

He probably can't. You need to be a multi-versal reality warper to hurt Giorno. What nobody mentions here is that GER is a form of causality manipulation: it keeps the cause but erases the effect of his opponents' actions so that they don't effect him. GER multiplies an opponent's attack by 0 and reduces that person's will power to 0; they'll still be able to perform the action but it will be nullified. King Crimson, IIRC erased time on a universal scale and GER still worked.

I read Hickman's FF run and I would have to say that Adult Franklin is not a multi-versal reality warper; I'm not even sure he's a universal reality warper. He can destroy and create universes via matter manipulation but I don't think he could actually warp reality on a universal scale. I specifically remember at one point Adult Franklin was even finding it difficult to create spaces of internally consistent self-sustaining realities, and I don't even think that was on a universal scale.

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So, can Giorno beat Lucifer Morningstar, Pre Retcon Beyonder, and White Phoenix of the Crown?

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@shiryu: He's not beating Lucifer or Beyonder as they're multiversial (unless he gets a powerup in the manga that I don't know of) but I don't know if White Phoenix is multiversia.

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@kingofash: Thanks, very informative. I just have one more question: how would he fare against Thanos?

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@shiryu said:

@kingofash: Thanks, very informative. I just have one more question: how would he fare against Thanos?

Thanos has to think of his action and that all GioGio needs to reset him to zero.

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