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Jonny blaze ghost rider vs. silver surfer in the Canadian alps.



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The Surfer wins this one as long as Ghost Rider doesn't get off his penance stare thingy/

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penance star and down goes the surfer all shivering with his soul fried just like kfc lolol haha ha ha ha ha ha

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People overrated gh's eyes just like the omega beam lol. Silver surfer has way more things then to just stare into his eyes. He can easily ht him with a blast capable of destroying a planet. This is completely one sided.

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Surfer win by total domination the penace stare might not even work on him.

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ghostrider could use a hell fireball or his chain or chain knuckles so ghostrider ftw besides the surfer would be affected because he still has a soul so check mate!

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Dude the Surfer wouldnt even waist his time to fight GR. Hed tell him to call Zarathos instead

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ss wins battle.

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Silver Surfer would take Ghost Rider down here